LOL Project

Participatory photographic experiences have the power to bring well-being and joy to those who need it most. The LOL Project, created by David Ken, is a perfect example of such enriching and captivating events.

A Participatory Photographic Experience
that Feels Good!

Behind the long list of Corporate Events: Team Building, Strategic Conventions, Product Launch Parties, Year-End Celebrations, Conferences/Congresses/Trade Shows, or Weekend Challenges, recurring objectives emerge: to motivate, strengthen, improve, and engage the employees who are key players in the company, as well as to foster communication and bonds among colleagues (Managers and teams). Experiencing an inclusive and positive photographic experience with the LOL PROJECT team, where the employee becomes an active participant in the event, creates an instant connection among colleagues. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other better and create memorable memories for everyone.

The experience of the **[LOL PROJECT]  (** combines the benefits of laughter and play. These positive vibes are transmitted to the people photographed by David Ken, and “it feels good.”

The experience of “laughter together” is also a way to connect with your doctor, your office colleague, or even a stranger. The **Lol Project** is an original and unique **photographic animation**. This experience immortalizes your laughter during sessions led by the photographer **David Ken**, known for his fashion photos and advertising campaigns. Highly praised for your **Team Building** events, this activity surely strengthens and unifies your teams, a cohesion tool that adds meaning.

LOL Hospital

Since 2009, the LOL Project team has been visiting hospitals all over France.

LOL Business

The experience of laughter in your company is a unique marker for the well-being of your employees.

LOL Event

A collective LIVE entertainment for your events that is shared and feels good!

LOL Conference

David Ken introduces you to the “benefits of laughter together” through his experience with the LOL Project.

Laughter, Your Superpower

Laughing is a vital anti-stress reflex that allows you to expel your moods to preserve our bodies. Laughter is an emotion before it is a conscious manifestation. Rabelais even declared that “laughter is man’s own.”
A bit of history… Initially started in Paris, this photo project quickly evolved to encompass all of France. Photo sessions are offered in hospitals and businesses, as well as during solidarity-related events. This is how David Ken creates hilarious portraits for calendars of the National League Against Cancer, for example. Many personalities are also involved, especially Nikos Aliagas, one of the early supporters of the LOL Project. The project is launched, and it won’t stop!
By participating in photo sessions, participants are encouraged to interact with each other, have fun, and work together to meet the challenge presented by David Ken: laugh without limits in front of the camera! This activity promotes communication, mutual assistance, and team cohesion.

Highlighted Teamwork

  • Adaptable Concept: Each event organized within the framework of the LOL Project is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each group, be it a company or a specific event.
  • Comprehensive Support: From the preparation to the realization of your photographic project, including image processing and the provision of digital support and the option to print giant mosaics of captured laughter, David Ken and his team take care of everything. This allows you to fully enjoy the moment without worrying about technical details.
  • Expertise in Photography: By choosing the LOL Project for your event, you not only benefit from David Ken’s creativity and talent but also from his experience in photographic design and scenography.
  • Significant Added Value for Your Company: Investing in an evening or seminar with the LOL Project provides a real return on investment in terms of employee well-being, strengthened team bonds, and a positive image conveyed.

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