David Ken

Positive, Optimistic,
Creator of Experiences!

Renowned photographer of Fashion,Advertising
, Corporate and Portraitist David Ken triggers his shutter in all domains. Passionate about Street Photography, this artist has many strings to his bow and undertakes various personal projects, such as the famous LOL PROJECT.
Step into the world of an extraordinary creator.

Fashion and Advertising Photographer:

"Creativity is intelligence having fun. - A. Einstein

Praised by Fashion magazines and Advertising agencies for his images that break away from the usual standards, David Ken has brought a fresh perspective and a sense of movement to his artistic direction.

As a result, he collaborates with renowned magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Amica, Grazia, Glamour USA, Faust capturing stars like Laetitia Casta, Linda Evangelista, Estelle, or Claudia Schiffer. Each image possesses a unique dynamic and genuine emotion, served by a very personal vision and an innate talent for directing subjects.

David Ken also excels in Corporate photography, introducing executive coaching with the aesthetics of advertising and fashion. He collaborates with diverse and prestigious brands such as L’Oréal, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Macy’s, JACOB, Bloomingdale’s, as well as EDF, ENGIE, SFR, BNP, Crédit Agricole, AXA Bank, Yellow Pages, M6, and TF1.

Corporate :

What if CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHY was no longer a dreaded appointment but an EXPERIENCE to savor !

“David Ken transformed our approach to Corporate Photography. It was a personalized coaching experience that allowed the entire team to overcome their camera shyness. The results are incredible, professional and natural portraits.” Who’s next? 😉
Testimonial by Julien M. (Marketing Manager)

True coaching to make you comfortable and, most importantly, provide you with an essential toolbox for your upcoming photographic sessions! The images produced will be delivered without copyrights or watermarks on the files. The portraits will be free to use on your professional and/or personal social media profiles, your website, or your CV.

From individual professional portraits to collective corporate portraits of your employees, our teams adapt to your specific needs.

Visual communication, where humans are at the center, allows the Company to embody strong values that shape its identity. It helps communicate professionalism, trust, and accessibility, three key attributes that can enhance customer and partner engagement.

Having a unique identity in corporate portraiture is essential to stand out in a competitive market. Successful portraits of your employees will tell the brand’s story, while highlighting the unique qualities of each individual.

LOL PROJECT, when laughter reveals you!

“Laughter is as important as medicine!” – Dr. Tissière

The experience of “laughter together” with the LOL PROJECT establishes a relationship that allows for surprise and the unexpected.

This photographic moment triggers spontaneous reactions, promotes reciprocity in the relationship with others it awakens, and brings vibrancy and reactivity.

A photoshoot with a real experiential dimension that helps address resistance, seek self-improvement, take a step aside, and reveal unsuspected issues inherent in human relationships.

This participatory project, based on the idea of “laughter together,” has resulted in over 35,000 portraits in companies and hospitals all over France. A massive gallery of portraits aimed at bringing smiles to those who need it most. Thanks to his humanity, David Ken manages to arouse and capture that magical moment of “letting go” that benefits both the body and soul. Between humor and love, there’s only a small step, which the photographer happily takes. His photo sessions leave all participants with unforgettable memories, both for the good spirits and the encounter with a resolutely optimistic artist.

Initiated in healthcare settings, the photographer’s massive project also takes place in corporate environments, during events, especially during seminars, team building activities, as well as at corporate events and conferences.

Portraits et People !

“Making a portrait is, for me, the most difficult thing. It’s a question mark placed on someone.” – HC Bresson

It’s impossible to be as positive and profoundly humanistic without excelling in the art of portraiture! David Ken has immortalized thousands of everyday individuals and taken rare emotional shots of dozens of celebrities. Actors such as Jean Rochefort, Clotilde Courau, Audrey Tautou, and Samuel Le Bihan have posed for him. Presenters have also taken up the challenge: Nagui, Philippe Bouvard, Arthur, Stéphane Bern, Michel Drucker, and Nikos Aliagas, among others. The portraitist has also directed the likes of footballer Zinédine Zidane, Florent Pagny, or boxer Sidney Beau Jack Walker, directors like Steven Spielberg, and Olivier Marchal.

From fashion magazines to the streets of Paris, from corporate reports to conferences on the benefits of laughter, from photo projects to forays into the world of advertising films, David Ken’s life is a vast portfolio! Relentlessly, for over 30 years, the artist explores the world and shares his impressions through sensitive and emotionally charged images.

Discover David Ken’s Portfolio, an exceptional photographer passionate about images and humanity.

Humanity is definitively man’s most beautiful invention! – David Ken

& Masterclass

In addition to his work in fashion and advertising, photographer David Ken expresses himself in another world: street photography. In color or black and white, he captures moments, gazes, postures, and plays of light with rare virtuosity.

nspired by the greatest street photographers, the artist wanders his lens somewhat randomly but always on the lookout for the decisive moment. In his project “Facing Paris,” he pays homage to his adopted city, to those who live in it or visit. The project has resulted in a book of the same name (out of print) and an exhibition, showcasing fifteen years of snapshots.

Today, he shares his passion through MASTERCLASSES, attracting more and more photography enthusiasts.

Private session with David in Paris
Videoconference courses on Zoom, alone or in a group
A day for a Photowalk or a MasterClass Studio

Photo Studio in Paris

Located rue du Marché Saint Honoré, in the heart of the golden triangle in Paris, between the Louvre, Opéra and Place Vendôme.

Designed to adapt to all your creative needs, the Studio provides you with professional photo equipment and several dedicated spaces such as the makeup area, the cloakroom and the relaxation area.

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