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Need a Corporate Photographer ?
David Ken,
30 Years of Visual Sensibility

Are you a company owner or a communication manager looking to boost your image? Discover the benefits of corporate photography from a renowned artist with a portfolio of numerous collective and personal projects. David Ken, one of the leading names in fashion photography, offers his talent and visual sensibility to serve your company. Step into the world of professional photography!

Corporate Photography: A Positive Approach
What Makes the Difference?

“My approach is rooted in friendliness. We will spend an enjoyable and relaxed time together, far from formality. The goal is to capture natural images that reflect your authenticity.”In a world where visuals play a dominant role, and information spreads at the speed of light, conveying a **positive visual** has become essential. Communication is so straightforward that in case of doubt or lack of clarity, it’s easy to turn to another business partner.

Photography is an excellent vehicle for a company’s brand image. By entrusting your corporate portraits to a seasoned photographer in this field, you gain:

  • Credibility, thanks to high-quality shots. ;
  • Clarity, with photos that convey the right message.;
  • Trust, through authentic and recent portraits.

Corporate Photography: For Whom and for What Purpose?

Corporate portraits are primarily intended for your company’s communication, both internally and externally. Your suppliers, clients, and prospects may come across these photos, and the trust your partners place in you partly depends on their success.

Corporate photography serves to illustrate your brochures, professional cards, private or professional social networks, and even potential press releases. In a different context, professional portraits are useful for personalizing an organizational chart, for example, in the form of a staff directory or via the company’s intranet.

How Does a Corporate Photo Session Work?

There are two options: either the photographer works directly at your premises, or you visit their studio. The latter option is more common for portraits and product photos because the studio is well-equipped to produce quality shots. Professional lighting, backgrounds, accessories, a choice of outfits, and the services of a hairstylist and makeup artist, for example, are all part of the studio-based corporate photo service.

Finally, if you are tempted to take selfies to illustrate your communication materials, remember that photography is a profession. Professional equipment, solid technical training, real experience, and a touch of talent will always make a difference! 😉

4 Reasons to Choose David Ken as Your Corporate Photographer

For 30 years, David Ken has explored studios, streets, and all kinds of events in search of the perfect moment. A master in capturing the essence behind people’s gazes, he excels at **highlighting personality** like no other. His corporate photos are more than just professionally shot images; they are **deeply genuine**. And those who view them don’t miss it.

Returning to the benefits of corporate photography, they can be categorized into four areas:

Enhanced Online Presence: From professional portraits to situational reports, photos populate your accounts and social media, increasing your visibility.

Improved Brand Image: Beautiful photos provide a better presentation and convey a sense of professionalism, appreciated by both clients and business partners.

Boosted Sales: It is established that high-quality visuals make viewers more inclined to engage with the company in question than blurry images taken with a smartphone…

Time Saved: When you organize a corporate event and entrust the coverage to a professional photographer, you gain two significant advantages: you are free to focus on networking and exchanges, and you receive a premium reportage that can be used across all your communication channels.

David Ken is at your service to take your corporate portraits and your reports, on site or during corporate events. Discover the extent of the talent of the instigator of the LOL Project!

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