David Ken

“I was taking photos long before I became a photographer.” David Ken

Photographer of advertising and fashion from the very beginning, David Ken has never abandoned his first loves, even though he has since expanded his horizons. A portrait of an artist dedicated to beauty and humanity, even in the highly codified world of fashion photography…

The Journey of a Fashion Photographer...
and More

A lover of the art of photography from a young age, **David Ken** took his first steps as a **fashion and advertising photographer**. Discovered by Belgian magazines, he worked there for a few years before feeling the need to challenge himself in the industry giants. To do that, he headed to Italy, where his talent, sincerity, and a healthy dose of audacity opened the doors to the revered **Vogue** magazine. David Ken spent three years in the land of Dante and collaborated with various magazines: **Amica**, **Harpers Bazar**, **Grazia**, **Lei**…

Eager for discoveries, encounters, and new challenges, the **fashion photographer** then ventured to the United States, where an enticing contract awaited him in New York. He stayed for a while but his love for Europe ultimately won over the American experience. He returned to Paris, his beloved city. Paris would later witness the birth of some of David Ken’s greatest projects, such as the famous **LOL Project**.

Fashion Photography: A Style in Constant Transformation

Since Baron Adolphe de Meyer, considered the very first fashion photographer, the genre has undergone numerous stylistic and artistic evolutions. From Edward Steichen, who operated in the early 20th century, to David Lachapelle today, fashion photographers have brought their **sensitivity**, **imagination**, and **talent** to this unique and demanding profession.

**David Ken** fully follows in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessors while distinguishing himself from his contemporaries with his unique perspective and a true sense of movement

Advertising Photographer: A Demanding Profession in a Highly Competitive Environment

n simple terms, the goal of advertising photography is primarily to sell. However, the exercise is far more complex than it seems, especially in a world where images are omnipresent, and solicitations are constant. David Ken, a brilliant fashion photographer, understands this well. He uses all his talent to serve the artistic directors of top advertising agencies and manages to create a credible story and evoke emotion around his subject, whether it involves promoting a brand or presenting a product.
Mastering lighting, careful composition, a sense of staging, and highlighting the subject are essential ingredients for a successful advertising photo. But technique and talent alone are not enough: David Ken constantly listens to his clients and manages to understand their expectations in order to translate them into striking images. It’s an art in which the fashion photographer has always excelled.

Fashion Photographer or Advertising Photographer: :
Two Overlapping Yet Separate Worlds

Although both specialties share some common aspects – particularly in offering a dream to the public – they differ in many ways. The subject, in particular, is often a human in fashion photography. Models showcase accessories or clothing, but the role of the fashion photographer goes much further: they must be capable of directing their model, telling a story over a few pages, and creating a harmony that subtly emphasizes the product or brand image. In advertising photography, the format changes, and details are crucial because the final image will be enlarged and scrutinized for a few extra seconds that make all the difference. Advertising photography is a school of exacting standards where the stakes are multiplied.

In both cases, perfection is essential because these photos are intended for promotion and professional use. The lighting must be flawless, framing precise, colors and contrast balanced, all in service of the product. The goal is to give accessibility to the dream.

Humanism in Fashion Photography,
David Ken's Signature

Driven by movement and filled with empathy, the fashion photographer has always relied on the personality of his subject to create his images. This is what has helped him stand out in a rather closed market. Alongside giants like Avedon, Helmut Newton, or Irving Penn, David Ken patiently establishes his place in the world of fashion photography. That’s the subtlety of his work: to stand out by giving life to his model in an often dehumanized and sometimes caricatured world.

From Adidas to TF1, via Lancel and Coca-Cola, David Ken’s work has already attracted multiple brands. Why not yours?

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