What is the LOLPROJECT ?

Created by David Ken and William Lafarge in 2009 in reaction to an overall depressing crisis, the LOL PROJECT is a photographic work which celebrates optimism by showing people bursting out laughing. Igniting this letting-loose ensures to capture a rare, sincere, and out-of-control moment. But rather…


Created by David Ken and William Lafarge in 2009 in reaction to an overall depressing crisis, the LOL PROJECT is a photographic work which celebrates optimism by showing people bursting out laughing.
Igniting this letting-loose ensures to capture a rare, sincere, and out-of-control moment. 
But rather quickly, this experience proved to be even more beneficial than expected. 
It feels good not only for those who experience it, but also those who look at these mosaics 
of contagious laughters.
Since 2009, many institutions and companies have joined the LOL PROJECT to share these waves of optimism. Thanks to this support, pueblo has the chance to regularly hold LOL PROJECT sessions in hospitals, helping to make these places slightly happier….


Laissez-nous vos coordonnées, on vous rappelle !

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