LOL Project to Bring Smiles to Paris, New York, the World by Steve Hall

Friend and former Adrants Editor Angela Natividad, now living the life in Paris, sent along some information about a project she’s involved with. We like it so we want her to tell you about it.

« French fashion photographer David Ken recently decided that people, particularly people in Paris, accumulate too many reasons to be gloomy and too few reasons to smile. So he decided to take a hiatus from paying work and embark on a mission.

Hence the LOL Project, his effort to photograph 1000 portraits of Parisians in the midst of genuine laughter. He’s already struck a deal with the mayor of the city, who’s agreed to let him turn the city into a huge laughing gallery under the banner ‘I LOL Paris.’

In about 6 months, he’s already taken about 750 portraits – including mine, stars like Zenadine Zidane, and a number of TV personalities, journalists and bloggers. At present he’s looking for sponsors that will be willing to support the project and help him expand it. He’s hoping people will write about in what ways the project could be beneficial to brands that lend their support.

His next target is New York.

People interested in getting their portraits done for the Project, or who have sponsorship opps to talk to him about, can email David at »

And that’s it. Check it out. There’s a video too.

by Steve Hall

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